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Our Approach SAAR

The Tailwind Difference


We consider each of our clients as partners. Beyond a mere vendor, we want to be your long term development partner – a true extension of your team, from conception to business analysis to UX, development, and deployment. Leverage our expertise in every area from concept to launch.

As your development partner, our long-term success is tied to yours.

A Team Dedicated to Your Success

Our team is constantly working to keep up to date on new technologies and development frameworks. Our advanced solution architecture, strategy, product, UX, and project management teams are based in the U.S., and much of our development teams reside in South America and Asia for true round-the clock global development.

Product & Outcome Focus

While most development firms can build whatever the customer wants, it takes discipline to realize that a sound product-oriented strategy brings order to feature chaos and predictability to other areas of your business. We proactively drive product planning and roadmap discussions to bring you a peace of mind – regardless of the type of application or business function it will perform.

Agile Process

Our Agile software development methodology enables software projects to be executed with less wasted effort, reduced cost, and on a faster overall schedule. We want you to “see and hold” versions of your software as fast as possible to garner early feedback from your beta customers.

So what is the difference?

Our Approach SAAR

The Tailwind Difference
Others Typical Vendors


  • Understand the business model, the problem being solved
  • Exhibit transparency in all aspects including plan creation


  • Focused only on the requirements that first have to be defined by the client. Assumes perfect design and does not question even when this is not the case
  • Hides costs behind scope
  • Shifts risk when things are not as desired

Focus on the business

  • Ensures feature decisions and roadmap timing are validated (i.e. “can talk ourselves out of work”)
  • Interested in delivering quickly so clients can realize business benefit as soon as possible

Focused on the project

  • Focused on the project
  • Roadmap is customer’s sole responsibility
  • Long projects mean more revenue

Objective: Client’s success

  • Our success is inextricably linked
  • Flexible engagement models to do business the way you need
  • Leverages all available tools and resources to save client money and speed time to market
  • We leverage our own collective network to make introductions for potential business partnerships

Objective: Vendor’s Success

  • One, or few, inflexible delivery models that may not reflect client operating model
  • Limited platform or language support
  • “Have a hammer – everything is a nail”
  • Lack of clarity, communication, or transparency into all elements of the delivery of service