DevOps & Cloud Migration

Applications designed and built to function within an organization will all eventually run into challenges with scalability to meet the growing needs of the business. Migrating these applications to a cloud infrastructure leveraging third-party providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Rackspace can place an organization in a better position to adjust to these challenges as the need arises. Tailwind works with clients to properly design, develop, and implement cloud solutions to migrate existing workloads to modern architectures.

Tailwind Migrations

DevOps Cloud Migration

Cloud Services

Broad complex hybrid cloud architecture tying your internal infrastructure to AWS, Azure, Google, Rackspace, and others.

Server Architecture

Preparing your application for launch requires the right server architecture. Our DevOps engineers will create a scalable solution for hosting your application that balances performance and costs.


Continuous Integration streamlines software development through collaboration and automation, with Continuous Delivery ensuring the proper environments get appropriate updates. This combination reduces risks and improves development team’s velocity.

Our DevOps and Cloud teams are technology agnostic and fully capable of working with multiple cloud service providers. From bare-metal and updated manual environments to fully automated cloud ones, we are enabled to help.