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Tech Partners for all

Tailwind can help to create custom solutions that drive down costs while ensuring data is securely managed and accessible to those who need it.


It’s not just business.

It’s personal.

From analysis to deployment, we’ll help you in making technological decisions and overseeing projects throughout the entire project cycle.
Because we are by your side in the health network, your priorities are also ours.

Investing in people and relationships provides the true solution to an industry known for robotic transactions and high failure rates. Because it’s not just business, it’s personal.

OUR APPROACH: Software as a Relationship

Meet S.a.a.R
A human tech approach,
tailored for your needs.

S.a.a.R – Software as a Relationship moves business forward by putting people first in a model that leverages a tight partnership, with transparent and frequent communications.

This unique approach reduces overall risks and development costs, achieving a true tech-life balance and redefining the ideal partnership.


We’ve helped incredible companies

We view our clients as long-term development partners, not just vendors. We are an extension of your team, offering expertise from concept to launch, including business analysis, UX, development, and deployment.


A human tech approach to make your business shine.

With a people-first approach, transparent communication, and as an extension of your team, we mitigate risks and optimize costs.

Because, after all, it’s personal, not just business.


Plan, architect, and build systems between banks, credit unions, and payment providers with experienced developers familiar with the technology and regulations.

Tailwind technology is utilized to help companies, business owners, and consumers better manage financial operations, processes, and lives.


Solutions for the most successful education companies in the world, from K-12 to higher ed. We process millions of concurrent sessions daily while maintaining the top EdTech architecture and engineering talent.

Software Engineering Leaders who are building the next generation of Education Technology face unique challenges.


We master the technologies that will help you improve access to care and services, promote prevention and healthy lifestyles, and optimize patient care.

Unique and significant challenges in managing vast amounts of patient, physician, and operational data, securely and accessibly.



Understand, guide, and implement. That’s what our tech experts do best, and they’re standing by to create your tailor-made solution.