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Middle East and Africa Banking Summit 2023

Next week, October 31st through November 3rd, Tailwind Business Ventures will be northeast of Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa, thanks to the Kievits Kroon Gauteng Wine Estate and our friends at Temenos.

A 16 hectare upmarket country estate in Pretoria, Gauteng, built in 1997, Kievits Kroon, with its beautiful Manor House, Library Bar, and Granita Signature Restaurant and wine cellar, just 45 minutes from Sandton, is home for the week to the Temenos MEA Sales & Partner Summit.

Our goal is in line with that of Temenos’, to strategize on opportunities in banking, review and discuss the latest product and technology updates relevant to the region and meet other experts one-on-one to facilitate cooperation to fully utilize the strength of the Temenos Partner Ecosystem.  To that end, message us here to get in touch if you are in the area, have aspirations in banking in the Middle East and Africa, or find yourself and the summit and would like to connect live.  Thanks to some incredible sponsors for the summit, companies such as Huawei, HID, and IBM | Red Hat, we have a lot of potential to unlock next week and even more opportunity to develop banking technologies.

“The MEA banking sector faces unique challenges such as low financial inclusion and legacy infrastructure. However, opportunities exist with the rise of fintech, increasing smartphone adoption, and a young population. Digital transformation and innovation are crucial to unlocking the potential of the region’s banking industry. Advancements in areas such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and mobile banking have the potential to revolutionize the sector, enabling financial institutions to better serve their customers and drive growth.”

Temenos Solutions

In our work with Temenos, developing banking platforms for everyone in the industry – for large and small banks, for non-banks and fintechs, and for partners and developers, we’re looking closely at banking, in MEA in particular, through the lens of their three areas of focus:

  1. Digital Transformation
  2. Financial Inclusion and Emerging Markets
  3. Competition from Non-bank financial institutions

Join us next week in South Africa, get to know better our work with banks and financial institutions, or touch base so we can talk soon and develop software as a relationship together.

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