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Our partner in FinTech, Q2, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for banking and lending, is hosting  CONNECT 23 in Austin this next week.  Featuring insights from industry thought leaders and experts and new innovations to help financial institutions transform their digital banking experience, we’d like to personally invite you to CONNECT 23, to the Fairmont where the conference will be hosted, and to Austin, particularly since it’s our backyard – one of Tailwind Business Ventures’ primary locations.

As a welcome to Texas to everyone attending CONNECT 23, let us be among the first to say howdy, enjoy the barbeque, find some live music (share your taste if you’re seeking some recommendations), and keep it weird.   Nestled amid the lush greenery of Palm Park and Waller Creek, the Fairmont Austin is a towering icon overlooking the vibrant city with great views of Lady Bird Lake and the State Capitol.

Austin is quickly becoming a major hub of innovation in finance so make the most of your time in Austin and at CONNECT 23 to not only get to know our work and Q2 better, but to explore why Austin.

A big part of the reason Silicon Valley was so substantial in innovation is because the companies play an active and collaborative role in supporting their sector. Companies sitting on the sidelines are a sign that that region of the world isn’t actually creative, innovative, and supportive of entrepreneurship; they’re happy doing what they do behind closed doors. And there is nothing at all wrong with a company operating that way, but when the companies in your city aren’t involved, it’s valid to ask WHY they aren’t hosting meetups, underwriting innovation programs, producing conferences, and sponsoring the culture.

A better part of how and why Austin has become the hub of innovation and entrepreneurship that it is is SXSW, a conference, and the opportunity for everyone here to connect, learn, and collaborate, in that case, with a hint of Film and Music driving the innovation. Q2’s CONNECT 23 is an investment in FinTech Austin.”

Paul O’Brien, Austin ecosystem developer and CEO of MediaTech Ventures

Tremendous evidence of that is not only Q2 itself and a conference such as CONNECT 23, Q2 as a company is the kind that fuels innovation through collaboration and partnership.  A financial experience company dedicated to providing digital banking and lending solutions to banks, credit unions, alternative finance, and fintech companies in the U.S. and internationally, Tailwind Business Ventures is a Q2 SDK partner and sponsor of CONNECT 23.   Andrew Tull recently hosted Greg Varnell through his podcast, Humanizing Software, and Greg provides even more insight to the impact of working with Q2.  As Vice President of Product & Development through Q2 Innovation Studio, Varnell is responsible, with Ryan Hollister, Vice President of Engineering, for creating and growing the Q2 Caliper SDK team.

Tune in to Humanizing Software with Greg Varnell

Greg is a University of Texas at Austin graduate with a BBA in Business Management. He has worked in the technology arena for over 23 years, with 21 of those years within the financial services industry. Prior to Q2, he held systems design and architecture positions at Alliant Credit Union, Texas Trust Credit Union, and Twin County Credit Union (currently TwinStar CU). 


  • Gain insights from dynamic speakers on the latest technology and industry trends
  • Network with peers, the Q2 team and other industry experts
  • Learn about Q2’s 2023 product roadmap, new product releases and feature enhancements
  • Participate in training and product demonstrations
  • Understand best practices to mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and help protect financial institutions and account holders from fraud

We have a lot to learn about and work through this year, and starting Monday the 15th through Thursday, let’s find time to book a conversation and work more together through the changes, opportunities, and innovations accelerating the role of banks, credit unions, and financial institutions.  

In particular, put Tuesday, May 16th, at 1 on your schedule, as James Bindseil and Andrew are hosting the afternoon discussion, “Taking your customers and members to the next level.”

6 major tracks guide our time together in Austin


Hear from Q2’s experts, industry thought leaders, and fellow financial institution executives on how to use digital to move your financial institution forward.


Learn how Q2 is extending the platform from self service tools, data, back office efficiencies, new mobile integration capabilities, to advisory services all to create greater personalized engagements.


From onboarding to cross-selling, learn how to create primary banking relationships with a comprehensive and strategic approach to consumer banking.


Learn how to win more deals, onboard clients faster, serve them more effectively, and grow meaningful, profitable commercial relationships.


From platform extensibility and hosting architecture to streamlining compliance and developing bleeding-edge security, learn what it takes to build a future-proof foundation in the digital age.

Fintech Showcase

Financial institutions and fintechs are stronger together. Check out demos from pre-integrated fintech partners who can help you drive engagement and revenue at scale.

Ready to CONNECT?  Learn more, register, and join us in Austin with Q2

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