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Driving Transformation in Pharmacy Benefit Management

In the highly competitive and evolving world of healthcare, companies constantly strive to improve efficiency, service delivery, and customer satisfaction. Today, we want to share the story of how we at Tailwind Business Ventures helped SkySail Rx, a Pharmacy Benefit consulting company, overcome significant challenges and elevate their business. This is more than a case study – it’s a journey of collaboration, innovation, and success.

SkySail Rx  — The Challenge

SkySail Rx, a company specializing in Pharmacy Benefit Pricing, including MAC management, RFP Support, Claims Analysis, Rebates, and much more, needed an agile partner to quickly respond to the evolving needs of their clients. They were facing issues related to HIPAA compliance, redundancy, failover capacity, custom site development, and API efficiency. Moreover, performance issues were causing client attrition. 

SkySail Rx needed a comprehensive solution that wouldn’t just address these challenges but also position them as a leader in their industry.        

Tailwind’s Solution A Comprehensive Digital Transformation

By leveraging our multidisciplinary architectural and development teams, we embarked on a journey to transform SkySail Rx’s operational landscape. We introduced an array of features and functionalities that included iOS and Android apps, Web APIs, and DevOps Environment Configuration, using main technologies like ASP.NET, Xamarin, and MS SQL Server.

Our intervention was not just a technical upgrade, but a strategic business transformation. We help SkySail Rx in implementing HIPAA compliance, thereby ensuring data protection and increasing trust among their clients.

We also enhanced the redundancy and failover capacity of their systems to improve system availability and reliability. A significant part of our solution was the creation of custom sites for different client segments, thereby providing personalized experiences and improving customer satisfaction. 

Additionally, we improved the efficiency of SkySail Rx’s APIs, leading to seamless data exchange and efficient operations. 

The Impact Increased Revenue, Reduced Costs, and Improved User Adoption

The modernized systems we put in place were instrumental in addressing the performance issues SkySail Rx was facing. This not only enabled them to recover lost clients but also led to new sales revenue.

Our solution reduced their support and maintenance costs, leading to better financial performance. Additionally, we saw increased user adoption, which proved the effectiveness of our solution-oriented interventions. 

Your Opportunity Join the Success Story

At Tailwind Business Ventures, we believe in the power of technology to drive business success and move your business forward. We strive to work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and deliver innovative, effective solutions.

SkySail Rx’s journey is one of many such success stories, and we’re ready to write the next chapter with you. Whether you’re facing a specific business challenge or seeking to transform your business processes, we’re here to partner with you and start a relationship.

Let’s navigate the future together and shape your own success story. Reach out to us at Tailwind Business Ventures, and let’s start your digital transformation journey.

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