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Engage and Grow in a Cloud World

Banking is changing at an accelerating pace, with new and different opportunities arising ever faster.”

Over the course of the next few days, we’ll find ourselves in Vienna with Temenos, working with the global banking community and experiencing first-hand how Temenos’ open platform for banking continues to support our customer engagement and digital transformation work with you.

Particularly excited for Tailwind’s time with Temenos this year, our attention turned to some words shared about the conference, striking right to the heart of Humanizing Software, the podcast Andrew Tull hosts exploring how technology works best when personalized and truly part of the relationship with banks and customers, “Life is coming to banking, and banking is coming to life.”

Over the course of two formal days in Vienna, the Community Forum will explore the need for banks to transform driven by changing customer demands, the rise of new competition, tough market conditions, regulation, and modern technology, to benefit from the endless opportunities to engage with customers and scale on demand. The community will be discussing the power of embedded finance and Banking as a Service (BaaS) to transform banking, exploring the opportunities these trends create for the banking ecosystem to help you meet your customers’ growing demand whilst growing trust and optimizing cost-to-income ratios. Temenos will share first-hand accounts from banks and partners that have successfully transformed and discuss how to embed ESG practices to benefit your customers and your operations.

Of course, we’re one of those partners, and have plans in place to discuss our ongoing work with Cognizant, Accenture, Deloitte, Woodridge Software, CBE, Fidelity, and HID Global. Over 1,200 C-level and senior executives from 100+ countries are expected as we kick off May planning the future with industry-leading experts, partners and analysts, to showcase live demos, presentations, panels and breakouts.

The future of banking has no borders or boundaries, and with our open, cloud-native platform, will create endless opportunities, for everyone.  Banking doesn’t just have to happen in a bank anymore, it can happen anywhere. Open and collaborative business models like BaaS are transforming banking.”

Everyone’s Banking Platform

From the Community Forum in 2022, Temenos has a wonderful report available, highlighting 3 distinctions of our collective focus last year:

  1. The banking landscape 

The first step to succeeding in the future of banking is to understand the landscape.  

This section uncovers the drivers behind the changes in banking, the new approaches replacing the traditional models and the shift in mindset that will be required to adapt. It also features research from Capgemini on where traditional banks stand on the journey, and what they need to drive further progress. 

  1. Building your platform 

The road to success in the future of banking involves a number of potential paths.  

Whether that’s Banking-as-a-Platform, as-a-Service, or another option. Whatever strategy you go with, the technology platform required to power these new business models must have common characteristics. It must be composable.

  1. The keys to success 

This final section uncovers the keys to success in the future of banking.  

We look at how to create lasting customer relationships through empathetic banking. And AWS describes how, by working in partnership, we create more value. We show how you can not only scale your solutions up in volume, but also broaden them through the power of the ecosystem.  

Subsequent our time in Vienna, a similar report for the year will highlight our work together in the Cloud World, this year’s theme; grab details of the coming conference or stop by Temenos’ Community Forum site as that report is available.

From May 9th through the 11th, we’ll be on the ground in Europe and expect a schedule packed with the time planned already with Temenos, with our other partners and clients, and with you, exploring the leading functionality and the latest technology changing banking market landscape.

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