The healthcare industry faces unique and significant challenges in managing vast amounts of patients, physicians, and operational data.

Tailwind can help to create custom solutions that drive down costs while ensuring data is securely managed and accessible to those that need it.

Tailwind has extensive experience in helping partners in the health care industry define and build technology solutions.
Our capabilities in building back-office and patient care solutions range from leveraging existing open-source platforms and third-party software, to complete custom development of custom systems.

Here are a few of our areas of expertise:

  1. Resource Dispatching Solutions
  2. Case Management Optimization
  3. Mobile Connectivity
  4. Payment Disbursement Solutions
  5. User Experience / Efficiency Optimization
  6. Content and workflow management systems

Meet the Author


James L. Bindseil is a Managing Partner focused on business operations, marketing, and vertical industry strategy. He is a 9 time IRONMAN who loves traveling for new adventures with his family.

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