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Leslie Wingo – Master Storyteller and Communicator


Leslie Wingo, CEO of Sanders\Wingo, an El Paso-based independent creative agency, was our guest of Humanizing Software, where we explore the concept of software and its relationship to humans. Leslie is an inspirational African-American female leader and public speaker whose powerful voice and opinions are regularly sought after. With decades of experience honing her skills of storytelling and communications, we’re excited to talk to Leslie about evolving technology and upholding a culture of transparency.   

Powerful Messages Created through Transparent Relationships

Sanders\Wingo has worked on brand storytelling, media strategy, and/or content development with the Austin Independent School District, AT&T, CASFV, Census 2020, Chevy, Destination El Paso, El Paso Electric, Fattoria Svetoni, to name just a few clients. The strength of this creative agency comes from the diversity of the team and the commitment to have honest and transparent relationships with clients and their respective communities. With intentional communication Sanders\Wingo creates impactful messaging, across various industries, while demonstrating their own values of integrity, fearlessness, authenticity, inspiration, and harmony.  

Lived Values: A Passion for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion   

When she isn’t leading her company Sanders\Wingo, Leslie’s speaking at engagements like Tedx Talks or guest lecturing. She is in tune with the evolving culture of our times and responds through the lens of race, power, and humanity. Uncomfortable conversations about equity, diversity, inclusion, assumptions, beliefs, and varying points of view don’t intimidate Leslie. Instead, those are the topics of conversation she prefers to have! The values she teaches and lives stems from Leslie’s firm belief in diversity.  

A Representative of Change  

Leslie is a culture-changer and she doesn’t just stop in her professional life. Outside of work, she invests her time with the Texas Book Festival and Creative Action, an arts-based youth development non-profit, as a board member. Formerly, Leslie was the Chair of The Board of Directors at the AIDS Services of Austin and has been the board chair of the Behavior Science Lab, a decision science lab, since 2016.  

Leslie and Tailwind both share the “people first” mindset and the belief that relationships must maintain the integrity of the human connection through empathy, transparency, and accountability. 

Catch the November 9 Livecast episode with guest Leslie Wingo and host Andrew Tull on their conversation about human-driven technology on Humanizing Software!  

Watch Humanizing Software Ep 10. with Leslie Wingo!

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