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Leveraging Software to Maintain Control with Henrik Markarian

Keep doing the basics correctly, then add the bells and whistles where possible.

We’ve gotten to a point with technology where it can seem like we should intuitively know what our users need or simply let the machine determine our direction. Ultimately, the humanization of software means letting the users be the ones who ultimately make the call of where technology needs to be.

Today I’m very pleased to be joined by Henrik Markarian, Vice President, Digital Channels at Logix Federal Credit Union. Henrik is an established technology executive with years of experience managing teams in fast-paced environments and bringing innovative products to market across web, mobile, cloud, and dedicated systems. He started his career as a software engineer in the burgeoning video game industry. He climbed through the ranks to oversee production teams across software, marketing technology, and, most recently, digital banking. He has a passion for optimized experiences on digital, values simplicity in design, and believes getting the details right is a difference maker.

In this conversation, Henrik and I discuss his background and career journey in technology, the relationship between humans and software, how he approaches software development with a focus on user-friendliness and personalization, Logix’s mission to help members thrive, critical considerations for data collection, and more.

Highlights with Henrik Markarian

– Henrik’s career journey in technology, including his experience in the video game industry and marketing technology

– How family impacted Henrik’s life and choices from an early age

– Going from video game creation to marketing technology to digital banking

– The importance of engagement in software development and how it has been a consistent theme throughout Henrik’s career

– Focusing on getting the basics right before thinking about bells and whistles

– Balancing different users’ needs in product design

– Gamification in banking apps and how it can make the experience more pleasant.

– Constant notifications and the potential for information overload

– Why Henrik prefers to let users have more control over their experiences

– The platforms and applications that Henrik likes the most

– Logix Federal Credit Union’s mission statement and how it guides their strategic decision-making when it comes to data stewardship

– Compliance and regulatory challenges of big data

– The shift from waterfall methodology to agile development in software development

– Why it’s critical that people are driving the evolution of technology

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