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Joanne Corum Headshot

Joanne Corum, Master of Construction and IT

Joanne Corum works in the business of lumber and building materials, yet she is a master of a different type of construction. Architecting and constructing on the IT level, Joanne Corum is the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO) at McCoy’s Building Supply. Joanne is a respected leader of the Austin IT community with over 20 years of industry experience leading global teams across multiple industries.

Tim Brown Headshot

Insights into Banking Innovation with Tim Brown 

Tim Brown, Chief Information Officer at Johnson Financial Group (JFG), is this week’s guest of Humanizing Software, where we explore the concept of software and its relationship to humans. With over 30 years of experience as an Information Technology leader in the financial services industry, we’re excited to talk to Brown about evolving technology and customer experience.