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Teri Kelly, Connecting People & Businesses with Technology

Teri Kelly Headshot

Teri Kelly, Enterprise Account Executive at Tableau Software, is our fifth guest of Humanizing Software, where we explore the concept of software and its relationship to humans. As a seasoned growth strategist and business development professional, she’s very much active and connected to the technology and business ecosystem. Teri is lacing an influential network within her nexus of contacts from across the technology industry.

Sharing Knowledge and Expanding Connections

With her pulse on tech trends and the latest in innovation, Teri is passionate about fostering and nurturing her connections and is the epitome of our “people first” mission. Teri champions customer service and success, which happens to be one of the main values of her current company Tableau Software, a Salesforce Company. Tableau Software is the market leader in data analytics software and has a mission to “help people see and understand data” with some of the unique and interactive data visualizations. 

Source:  Tableau Public

In the current moment of massive digital transformation, thousands of companies are turning to Tableau Software for their data needs. Given that Tableau values trust, innovation and equality, it helps companies and individuals rely on this software service. Within her role, Teri upholds these standards while she manages and serves business and technology leaders in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies to help them see and understand data to achieve their desired business outcomes. 

Prior to Salesforce, Teri was the Chief Revenue Officer at Valkyrie, the leading data science firm in Austin. Earlier in her career, Teri spent 18 years with Gartner, the global technology research and advisory firm, as an “intrapreneur” who held 8 roles across client service, sales and sales leadership serving F500 and public sector organizations across the US federal and State government.  

Limitless Learning and Continued Service  

Teri holds a B.S. in Public Relations from the University of Florida. Since graduating she has completed certificate programs at the University of Texas at Austin (Human Dimensions of Organizations) and MIT (Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy).

By ceaselessly continuing her education, Teri’s self-investment has paid off in her career. She is regularly invited to speak at and moderate panels and forums. In 2020, she was a speaker with an impressive group of women leader panelists at the Central Texas Women in Leadership Symposium.

With all her experience and knowledge to share, Teri volunteers her time as a mentor with two organizations. Ceresa, a professional training and coaching organization for aspirational leaders and Twist Out Cancer, a non-profit that provides psychosocial support to cancer survivors and their loved ones through creative arts programming.  

As a business development leader who is continually involved in her professional and personal community, and is plugged into the latest technology developments and works with innovative tech leaders, we had a blast chatting with Teri!  

Catch the September 28 Livecast episode with guest Teri Kelly and host Andrew Tull on their conversation about human-driven technology on Humanizing Software!  

Watch Humanizing Software Ep 5. with Teri Kelly!

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