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Top Challenges Faced by Software Engineering Leaders in EdTech

Software Engineering

Navigate the Challenges of Delivering World-Class EdTech Applications

Tailwind are experts at building and integrating applications for the largest EdTech companies in the world. Get to market faster, at a lower cost, and with reduced risk.

Software Engineering Leaders who are building the next generation of Education Technology face unique challenges. It can be difficult to find technical and domain expertise to build applications that are subject to the regulatory, integration, and scalability issues common to EdTech. Senior leaders are faced with delays, talent gaps, cost overruns, and scalability and performance issues.

Top challenges faced by software engineering leaders in EdTech

  • Integrations
    Integrations and architectural flexibility requirements in diverse technology environments across school systems can result in costly development overruns and staffing challenges.
  • Scalable Apps
    Building applications that can scale with peak usage characteristics, all while delivering in challenging ecosystems of different educational environments.
  • Regulations
    Section 508 compliance, FERPA compliance, and international privacy regulations in higher education all influence software, systems, and infrastructure and can result in delays, lost market opportunities, and costly remediation.

Leverage Tailwind’s decades of experience engineering the largest EdTech systems in the world:

  • Broad experience and skills in EdTech
  • Platform integration experts
  • Scalable, high performing systems
  • Compliance and Regulatory expertise

The Solution is Tailwind

The experts at Tailwind build solutions for the most successful education software companies in the world, from K-12 to higher education. Tailwind solutions process millions of concurrent sessions daily, and Tailwind maintains some of the top EdTech architecture and engineering talent in the world.

Overcome the Challenges of Engineering World Class EdTech systems

Tailwind helps plan, architect, and build systems ranging from Student Assessments and Information Systems to Learning and Course Management Systems. We understand your sales cycle, delivery cycle, and need for performance at scale while maintaining strict regulatory compliance and getting to market on time and on budget.

Software and Systems Architecture Analysis

  • Deliver world-class content
  • Optimize teacher workflows
  • Enable automation that pushes student outcomes forward to train, quiz, assess, and publish results with minimal intervention and low error rates

Build, Train, and Deploy Your Team

  • Ensure the right skill sets are deployed at the right times, and in the right team structure
  • Help train and develop key staff and align teams to produce at a high level
  • Augment needed skill sets with top talent

Develop World-Class Software

  • Full software engineering and architecture teams
  • Blended team to integrate fully with your existing key talent
  • Top engineering staff to extend your capabilities

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